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Real Life Room Escape Game
11 November, 2013

Team Building at Room Escape Salamanca

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This time of year many companies are looking for something different for their employees to ”switch off” their brain after a long year and start the festive season rush with renewed energy and working closely as a team. Room Escape Salamanca games are ideal for bringing corporate teams closer together as the only way you’ll make it out of the room is by working together. 

Why Room Escape Salamanca escape game is ideal corporate team building event?

  1. Switch Off: Because you will completely forget everything about normal life for an hour. And even longer because your team will talk and laugh about this experience for hours, or even days! For 60 minutes it’s just you and your team, locked in a room with just one way out…solve the clues.
  2. Be The Hero: Room Escape Slamanca is a designed stress situation. You and your team are the heroes of this movie with just 60 minutes to unlock the door and earn your freedom and if you don’t get out in time, you might just be stuck there…
  3. Saw, but without the gore: Have you seen the film Saw? Take away the violence and gore but the key fact is the same. You are trapped in a room and you have 60 minutes to get out and/or solve a mystery or even save the world! Have you seen the Phone Booth? We recreate this tense atmosphere in 60 pulse racing minutes.
  4. All of the feels: The aim of our escape game is to send you an emotional rollercoaster of suspense, feeling lost, sometimes confused but ultimately feeling elated when you and your team escape of the room.

We strive to deliver the best gaming experience for You. What we do is to create a tension filled, fun packed hour simply by closing you into a room – with you and your friends or colleagues or family members.

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